What is a blog?

Have you ever wondered what a blog is?

A blog is a website that someone writes posts in.. the blog could have a theme, for example if you love cooking, you might want to share recipes with your friends, family and connections or followers that you have made from the internet.

It's like an online archive.

You can have advertising for your business.

You can use a blog to write about personal stuff or business stuff or just an opinion you have on a certain subject.

You could even use a blog for your studies, because if you can teach it to someone else, it means you have actually learned something and understand it.

It's like a diary.

You can put up text, pictures and videos.

Some people use a blog platform, just to put photos up of what they have been doing.. for example.. you might be going on a holiday overseas somewhere and you could put your photos up on your blog to share with your friends and family.

I use a blog for my business.

How is a blog used for advertising your business?

You see the banners on the top, sides & bottom of this blog post? That is all advertising.

Whatever you write about in your posts.. is going to rank in the search engines.

Let's use Google as an example.

People google (search) for stuff online every second of every day.. whatever the subject may be.

Lets say they searched for a "banana cake recipe".

Google brings up all the content online for those keywords. And if you have written about a banana cake recipe on your blog, it's going to come up in the Google search somewhere.. whether it be on the 1st page or the 20th page.

I'm not going to go into how to get your content ranked on google just now... that can be for another day of blogging.

You can have links in your content linking to your business page or whatever it is you want the reader to see.

So basically, a blog is somewhere you can put your content.

Your readers can comment at the bottom of your blog post, leaving their thoughts, questions etc about your blog post.

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~ Crystal Munro

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Taking Action and Standing Out From the Crowd

I was just watching a lesson in the Masters Course of Empower Network and something that stuck in my mind was how many people open all of your emails and buy everything you have to sell..

..because they want to learn everything before they start to take action.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing if you have lots of people buying your stuff..

..but the problem with wanting to learn everything before you take action is, you will never be able to get to the finish line of learning everything about a subject.. there is always something more to learn.

Things change over time, changes are made and we need to keep up with technology etc.

People will do anything and everything to avoid taking action.

If you take action you are going to stand out from the crowd, because there is not many people doing it.

It reminds me of a story I heard from David Sharpe when I was listening to an audio from the Inner Circle..

..When he was a teenager, he would go to these disco's or dance club or whatever you want to call them, and he would watch the people out on the dance floor and think to himself that it looks fun and wished he could go out and have a dance as well.

But he was too worried about what he would look like to everyone else.

After a while he realised that everyone was thinking the exact same thing.. they were worried about what they would look like dancing and even if they were on the dance floor, the majority of them were probably paranoid that everyone was watching them and how bad they dance.

So he got the courage (he took action) to go out on the dance floor and just have fun and not worry about what he looked like.

Is there something stopping you from taking action?

Give yourself permission to go out there and have fun and just live it up!

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~ Crystal Munro

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It was the of November 2012 I decided to go to an Event in Austin Texas.

I remember telling my husband that I had decided to do this, and he wasn't happy at all. Our finances were not so good and I ended up borrowing money from my parents to fund the trip.

My mum was so worried about me flying over to the U.S by myself, so she wanted to come with me.

My husband, parents and in-laws tried to talk me out it, not only because of our finances but because they didn't want me to leave our daughter for that long and they thought something bad might happen to me. I had made up my mind and I was not backing down, I was going to get there no matter what.

I knew it would be hard to leave my daughter for that long.. she was only 7 months old at the time, but I knew that I was doing it to make a better life for us so that made it easier.

I remember when we got to the U.S, we flew straight from Sydney to Dallas, Texas. On the flight we realised that it was going to be tight on time for our next flight to Austin.

We had to get highlighted colour passes to get to the front of the queues when going through Customs and security, which was really good.

We didn't really know where we were going in the airport, but we just followed the signs and asked people along the way.. we were basically running through the airport as fast as we could with our luggage.

When we got to the luggage pick up point there was that many bags on the carosel, we waited patiently for ours to come along.. we waited for about 10 minutes and I was starting to panic, thinking that we were going to miss our flight.

The carosel then decided to stop so we ran to the other end to see if we could find our bags, I found mine sitting on the floor and mum found hers not long after that.

We then had to go through customs and mum had ticked on the customs ticket that she had been on a farm with cattle, so we had to go to quarenteen and get her bags checked out. She told the lady that the shoes she had on and in her suitcase she hadn't worn on the farm so they let us go through.. luckily.

Next we dropped our bags at the luggage drop off and then went through security.

We came out the other side of security and then found which gate to go to, but little did we know we had to get on these air train things to get to our gate.

We managed to find out which train to get onto and then get off to get to our gate.

We made it to the gate 10 minutes before departure. Hooray! and then and hour or so later we arrived at Austin.

When we walked out of the Austin airport we had to catch a transfer bus or taxi.. we were a bit confused because the traffic drives on the other side of the road to Australia.

But we were relieved because we had finally made it!

Thinking back, I know I am better off for the experiences I had and it was definitely worth the struggle to get there.

We need to get out of our comfort zone every now and then so we can grow and learn from our experiences.

Do you need something to change in your life?

If your answer is yes then my question for you is, are you going to get out of your comfort zone.. or are you going to stay in the same spot for the rest of your life?

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~ Crystal Munro

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Happy Marriage = Happy Business

Join our team for more great training!

Our team is studying the 30 major causes of failure from the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Failure #15 is the wrong selection of a mate in marriage.

“Unless this relationship is harmonious, failure is likely to follow.  Moreover, it will be a form of failure marked by misery and unhappiness, destroying all signs of ambition.”  — Napoleon Hill

Do something today to strengthen that relationship.

On a personal note.. whenever my husband and I have an argument over something, I am not happy until we have made up.. so I could go to work or be working on my business and my productivity is very low and I am not in the right frame of mind at all.

So I definitely agree with what Mike is saying.



Make it a great day!


Crystal Munro

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When can I give my baby a dummy?

From personal experience when my daughter was born, I think she was only 2 or 3 days old when we first gave her the dummy/pacifier.

I remember it quite clearly..

It was about 2am in the morning, and our daughter just did not want to go to sleep.. I was thinking, oh my god what have we got ourselves into??

Her basinette was right next to me.

We had bought a couple of dummies with us in our hospital bag, so I said to my husband.. give her a dummy and see what happens..

Lets just say it helped alot!

Apparently it is good for their sucking needs.. I am glad we gave her a dummy.. at least then I could have a rest and time to myself instead of having to breastfeed her every hour.

I think alot of the time when we thought she was hungry, she actually just wanted something to suck on.

According to babycenter.com.au most babies (about two out of three) will be content with feeding and cuddling and won't ever need a dummy.

However, if your child is particularly fussy, he may want to suck on something for comfort. If you're going to breastfeed, some experts think that a dummy or pacifier can cause nipple confusion. Sucking a dummy or a teat is a very different action to breastfeeding and swapping from one to the other does seem to confuse some babies. Others seem to cope with both the dummy and the breast. It may be wise to wait until you feel breastfeeding is well established before trying a dummy.

If you do choose to use one, look for an orthodontic model. These are better for developing teeth and gums. Latex dummies are softer and more flexible than silicone, but they don't last as long. Buy a few so you can switch them often and sterilise the spare ones (some come with holders to keep them clean when not in use). Inspect dummies regularly and throw them away at the first sign of wear.

Our daughter is now 19 months old and we have only just taken the dummy off her.

Ever since she was a couple of months old, we only gave it to her at bedtime.

I would love to here about your experience with dummies/pacifiers, so leave a comment in the box below.


Crystal Munro

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